Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Welcome Memphis Bloggers

If you're visiting for the first time today from Paul Ryburn's blog, welcome!

Wow, thanks Paul for the great post! I'm always happy to help with anything involving Memphis and I'm glad my e-mails made a difference for Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis.

Paul's right-- before moving to Los Angeles, I spent 3 years in Memphis. During the day, I worked at FedEx and at night, I had the good fortunate to play downtown. Of all of the cities I've lived in over the past 10 years (6 to be exact), Memphis was by far my favorite. I hope to eventually have the opportunity to live in downtown Memphis again.

As Paul mentioned, I recently completed my MBA at Pepperdine. My emphasis was in Entreprenerial Management, which has been extremely helpful the past few months as I've opened up my own business. I have two main areas of focus: internet marketing and internet / technology consulting.

So far, things are going great! I love the creativity and freedom that come with my new career. Last month, I spent a few weeks traveling around Italy and Spain, and business kept going from there. It was wonderful!

This new found sense of freedom has also prompted me to spend some time back in the South this summer. I'll be in Memphis and Oklahoma City (my original hometown) -- with my laptop -- for most of the month of July. I'm completely looking forward to seeing everyone and the progress that Memphis has made since I was there a year ago for Music Fest.

I should get back to work. Again, welcome if this is your first visit! Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you'll take a few minutes to poke around and feel free to check out my other web sites under the Links section on your right.

See you again soon!
:) Angie

Angie, Angie, & Paul at Harry's Detour on South Main

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