Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Is Here!

It's odd, but this is the first week all summer where it has actually FELT like summer to me. I mean, I've been on a vacation; I've been to the beach. But still, it's just felt like any other time of the year.

What changed?

Well, I've been trying to decide, but I suppose it has to do with a few things. First of all, after being sick last week, my sleep schedule shifted some. I've been sleeping in later and staying up later at night. Next, it's been warmer. I've really enjoyed sleeping with all of the windows open, to enjoy the breeze at night.

This breeze concept is of course a foreign concept when I'm in Oklahoma and TN. There, it's more like hot gusts of dirt or something. But I guess that the consolation to most homes not having air conditioning in LA is that you get a nice ocean breeze to cool you off.

My one rant about all this of course are the children next door. These poor kids are being raised in tiny apartments, all smooshed together with nowhere to play. Well, unless you count the park, but with all of the homeless that live there, I'm not sure I'd want my kids to go there.

Anyhow, the kids seem to be unsupervised most of the time. And, even when their parents are around, their parents yell and scream as much as they do. The kids run around next to my apartment and in the alley way screaming and fighting all day it seems in the summer.

That's the one unfortunate thing about the whole breeze concept. In order to get work done, I often have to close the windows to tune out the kids. And, thus it gets extremely HOT in my apartment.

I try to be tolerant... Because of course, these kids I'm sure would like somewhere else to run around besides an alley. And considering how expensive LA is, I'm sure it would be a small feat for a parent to move their kids from a $1500 / month apartment to a house with a yard.

So anyway, the summer is here... popsicles, beach, heat, and all... Finally!

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