Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Random or Fate?

You know how sometimes in life odd things happen? Well, this week has been one of those times...

Months ago, I was interviewing for jobs in Memphis. This was before I had committed to learning everything that I could about having my own small business.

Since my work is now contingent upon an internet connection, I've decided to visit my family in Oklahoma and friends in Memphis during July.

Randomly, two companies in Memphis have called this week-- one just a few minutes ago-- to ask if I would be available to fly to Memphis on the week of July 10th to interview.

So.... the week of July 10th, I will be IN MEMPHIS. I'm already scheduled to be there. Shane is loaning me his condo while he's out of town and I'll be there, working away. At night or on the weekends, I'm hoping to see my friends. But, otherwise I've just been scheduled to work.

But now, I'm scheduled for 2 interviews! It actually crossed my mind when I woke up this morning that I might want to pack a suit or two when I go, just because random interviews seem like the sort of thing that sometimes happen when you least expect it.

How I feel about the whole thing will be decided after I have the experience. Clearly, there are a LOT of factors to consider. But, I'm always open to meeting people and to feeling things out. For me, interviews are a lot like first dates; it takes quite a few of them to get to a second or third date. You know?

You don't get married to the first guy who will have dinner with you. But if you meet a few, eventually you find a fit. And who knows? Something good will definitely come of it... be it practice interviewing (I usually tell myself this to stay calm. lol.), a new networking connection, or a new job. Any of those could potentially be valuable.

To be continued in a few weeks...

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