Friday, June 16, 2006

How People Are Finding Angie's Adventures

I mentioned last week some of the interesting things that people are searching on to find my blog.

It has only gotten to be more bizarre. Most people lately who have randomly visited, have searched for something having to do with dental work. I must be the only person who blogs about the dentist. :-)

Here are some of the most recent searched phrases:
  • Cafe Concerto Florence, Italy
  • KCRW Angel Party June 2006
  • Paul Ryburn Crime
  • What does dental deep cleaning cost?
  • Homeless lady Civil Rights Museum Memphis (What?)
  • Deep cleaning dentist
  • Parvez Art Gallery Beverly Hills
  • I can't afford a dentist. What should I do?
  • Memphis, Blue Monkey
  • Entrepreneur going to MBA

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