Monday, June 26, 2006

Diabetes Supply Review

Whew-- After 8 hours of posting and piecing together, another site is up and running!

I'm working to diversify myself a little, so I've created a site to post information about diabetes supplies on.

The site is called Diabetes Supply Review. It features information about diabetic shoes, diabetes symptoms, and some recipes that comform to a diabetes diet. It also has links to diabetic cookbooks and diabetes monitors and test kits, blood test strips, and more.

The product brands include AccuChek, OneTouch, and FreeStyle. You must have seen the commercials with BB King. :-)

Lastly, I've put up a few links from the Diabetes Supply Review to the American Diabetes Association site.

I have a feeling that at this point, the site will look extemely jumbled. Since late last night, I've put up 50 posts (that's definitely a record for me). They're currently all on one giant page if you go straight to Diabetes Supply Review. The idea is that I don't have time to add another blog to my daily list, but I'd like to get the information out there. I'm hoping that typical users will find the blog through a search engine and will be taken to one specific post, like this.

Okay, that's it. I may need to zone out for a while now. :-)

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