Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm tired!

Alright... so it is officially difficult to get up and be productive the day after an improv show that doesn't get you home until past 1 AM.


The show was pretty good... Michael Richards very much did the typical Kramer stuff from Seinfeld. It was fun to see him, but the parts I enjoyed the most were when his normal personality started to peak out.

There were also around 4 other comics. For the most part, they were good... it's always interesting to me how the whole thing is 'improv' but, when you see a comedian twice, his act is exactly the same... even if its been over a month. We saw two of those last night.

And, I also noticed one of the finalists from yesterday's Last Comic Standing show out in the parking lot of the Improv... I wonder if he was already booted from the show?

Anyway, the night was fun. I didn't get up however until almost 9 AM... and unfortunately, we're out of just about everything. In LA, this is a huge pain.

The thing is, apartments here are so small that you can only bring in a little bit of each household item at a time... definitely no stock piling of toilet paper going on. Anyhow, when you run out, it's a seriously huge trek over to the West Hollywood Target, where you then pay for parking and have to take a shopping cart up an elevator.

Of course, there's always the option to go to Costco. That takes a while too, but it feels more rewarding... especially on the days when they hand out samples. But, the problem with Costco is that you get home with a GIANT wheel of Brie or something.... which of course, you don't have room for.

The one saving grace here in LA (if you don't want to try to make the trek out to get supplies) is this web site: Yummy delivers just about anything you could need in 30 minutes or less. Honestly, they almost always leave something out and their customer service is not set up to fix problems... but somehow, we always go back. There's just no equal to having someone bringing all of your groceries right into your kitchen for you.... especially if it saves on gas and parking.

On another front, I was sadly banned from posting on one of my favorite shoe blogs today. I used to log in each morning and post a few comments that have helped direct a tremendous amount of traffic to my site. I suppose that they noticed, because I've been cut off! Of course, I could always post under another name, but I suppose I may take the hint... :) Luckily, there are many other shoe blogs out there!

Speaking of Jessica Simpson, I mentioned before that I'm reworking Well, one of the things I'm doing is adding a "Which kind of shoe are you?" quiz. Here's a sample of one of the answers to the quiz... It's not up yet, but I will definitely keep you posted!

You're a Barb Shoe!
What kind of Jessica Simpson Shoe are YOU?
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