Saturday, June 17, 2006

Deal of the Week

Since I've spent most of the week lounging around, the online grocery store was an essential part of my week.

Included in my delivery was 7-up, chicken soup, and Advil - All of the things you know you need when you're not feeling well, but just don't want to actually have to go anywhere to get.

Well, nowdays if you live in LA or a major city, the grocery store will come to you! Although it sounds frilly, for a small delivery free (which is often waived), someone will pack up everything and drive it right to your home.

I often take advantage of this when I'm just plain busy. It's usually my alternative to an expensive restaurant delivery dinner. And, it's a good one!

The grocery store will deliver just about anything, including fresh sandwiches, frozen food, fruit, wine, fresh bread, desserts-- even organic stuff. They also have household items, like magazines, toilet paper, medicine, first aid products, and light bulbs.

You shop online by isle, as if you were in the grocery store. But often times, you have the option to "save" your shopping cart, so that you can quickly find things again for your next visit.

You just can't go wrong. :-)

Anyhow, with my personal spill said, I have a coupon for you! The coupon is for free delivery at Vons!

Vons has recently expanded their delivery area to include the following locations in California and Las Vegas--

San Fernando Valley, South Orange County, Inland Empire, North Orange County, San Gabriel Valley, West LA, South Bay, Temecula, San Diego, Oxnard, Ventura, Las Vegas, and Henderson

If you would like to get free delivery of your groceries, click here to use your exclusive Vons coupon!

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