Monday, June 05, 2006

Events and Planning

Those of you who know me well *know* that I LOVE events!

Events used to be a big part of my life; I once went to two black tie galas on two nights back to back. Also if you know me well, you know that I've got somewhat of a gown and formal shoe collection going on.

Its been a while since the days of multiple parties in the same night, but thank goodness I'm still prepared-- This week, I've got two events coming up. First, there is a KCRW Angel party and then, Absolut
  • It's for KCRW-- a liberal, forward thinking crowd of people
    • With all that in mind, I'm thinking the look should be 'fashion-creative'. I have a few options... the two winners so far are a lace black dress, a crouched black dress, or a red dress with jewel accents. I'm also thinking I'll wear scary-tie-up-the-leg high heels, so I hope they have parking that's not too long of a walk.

      For the wedding, I'm thinking I'll either go with a plain black dress, or maybe a cute light green dress I have. The green dress has a matching scarf and it would honestly be the best choice if I weren't 5'10". Given that I'm tall, it's just slightly short enough to make people feel a tinge of surprise when they see me. And, I'm just not sure if that's the whole vibe I'll be going for in Salt Lake.

      See you at the ball!

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      Jake of All Trades said...

      Last year we had to park in a garage across the street and a few buildings down from the event...