Thursday, May 16, 2013

BBQ Fest day 1 is a huge success. Go Grizzlies!

The first day of BBQ Fest was a huge success. Wednesday night is friends and family nights for the teams. 

I spent time with my team at our Born in the Q S A tent. My friend Angie joined me for dinner. We had grilled chicken, greens, lots of sides, and desserts. As expected, we had Ghost River beer on tap in the tent. 

I brought the strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting that I made. When I left last night, all 24 of the cupcakes were eaten, so I will declare that they were a success. I made them with all natural ingredients, so they were less bright looking and less strawberry tasting than what you typically see with strawberry cupcakes. Makes me think I should steer clear of bright red cupcakes in the future.  Weird to think of how many additives they usually have. 

Anyway.... After dinner, we took a walk and ran into Freddie and Prasad. In total, we checked out quite a few teams, including Moody Ques, Voodoo Que, and the Danish National Team. 

We eventually made it back to my tent for the Grizzlies Game. It was a nail biter. Thank goodness we didn't end up in overtime again. As you probably know, we won the game. This means that we will now be competing in the Western Conference Finals. Go Grizzlies!!

Just after the game finished at around midnight, we were promptly ushered out of the park. I came home to rest up for the remaining days of the festival. It's going to be a fun one! 

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