Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BBQ time is here

Memphis in May produces one of my favorite events in Memphis: Barbecue Fest.  The Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Cooking Contest is like the Super Bowl of barbecue.  It brings people from around the glove to Memphis to celebrate what we do best in Memphis: barbecue.

Memphis barbecue is made using pork, and we are known for using a special seasoning called dry rub.  Our ribs are often called "dry ribs."

Starting last weekend, barbecue teams started to setup shop along the Mississippi River right next to where I live.  There are hundreds of teams and each team sets up a tent that's just for their team.  The park opens tonight for friends and family night and the event will go on through Saturday.

There is judging that happens during certain times, but all week is like a big party.  And, each tent or team is its own private party.  I'm a part of the Born in the Q.S.A. team.  I've been on the team around 4 years and our specialty is ribs.  Last year, we were around 14th place for ribs (which is pretty good!).

I really love the team.  They are fun, but also organized and relatively low key.  It's the perfect home base at an event like BBQ Fest.

Every year, Memphis also honors a country during Memphis in May.  This year, the country is Sweden, so there will hopefully be a number of Swedes in town to enjoy the barbecue.  Every year, there are multiple teams that come from Scandinavia to compete, including a Danish team and a Norwegian team.  Last year, the Norwegian team was helping to shoot a BBQ commercial for a grocery story in Norway.  As a random side note, I believe the team captain of the Norwegian team is actually from Oklahoma, but lives in Norway with his Norwegian wife.  Here's the commercial from last summer that's currently airing on TV in Norway. (Thanks Freddie for sharing!)

I'm in the middle of making strawberry cupcakes for friends and family night, so that will be my first priority after this post.  When I started to make the cake part last night, I realized that I didn't have any eggs.  After tweeting about my egg dilemma, a friend actually dropped eggs by my front door an hour or so later!  I was able to complete the cupcakes late last night, and today I will just make the icing.  I hope they come out okay - it's my first stab at strawberry cupcakes from scratch.


One other exciting BBQ thing happened this week that I haven't mentioned yet.  My friend Eric from The BBQ Shop invited me to be in a commercial yesterday morning.  It was by far my most fun and tasty TV appearance to date.  I sat at a table with a number of other Memphians, and together we chowed down on delicious ribs, nachos, barbecue spaghetti, and more.  I look forward to seeing the commercial on TV and big thanks to Eric for inviting me!  Below is a photo of me and Eric after the shoot.


That's all for now!  I will try to keep you posted on the BBQ Fest as the week goes along.

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