Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moore Dan McGuinness on the Memphis news

This story makes me smile.  I've been wanting to share it before now, but I held off because I knew that Lauren Squires was going to cover it tonight on the WMC-TV news in Memphis. 

As folks in Moore know, there's a Dan McGuinness on 19th Street in Moore.  It was opened by a couple who are from both Moore AND Memphis.  Michele is from Memphis and Jim is from Moore.  They both used to live in Memphis and opened the bar in Moore about 7 years ago.

When they opened the bar, a number of the employees from the Dan McGuinness here went with them to open it.  They even have a table in the bar that came from the old Dan McGuinness in Downtown Memphis.

Whenever I go home, I visit this bar.  In fact, I have a friend from Memphis who I met at the Dan McGuinness in Moore when he was working in Moore.  He has since moved back to Memphis.

I've also met employees at the Dan McGuinness here in Memphis who know my high school friends.  I can only assume that they worked at the bar in Moore at some point.

Pretty cool, right?

Check out Lauren's coverage of Dan McGuinness in Moore by clicking below.

  Below is a photo of the pub that was posted on Facebook.


Ryan Beam said...

That is me in the cargo shorts in this photo! I miss my pub :-(

Ryan Beam said...

That is me in the cargo shorts :-( I miss my pub :-(