Saturday, May 18, 2013

BBQ Fest day 3

BBQ Fest day 3 was a success. My team competed in the sauce and exotic categories yesterday. 

I spent tons of time roaming the park with old friends and new. It was another day filled with miles of walking. 

And, I played what I think may be my first ever full game of corn hole. For those not from Tennessee, corn hole is a game where you toss beanbags onto a board that has a hole cut in it for points. I did pretty well!  

I also saw Man V Food taping again. Below is a photo of their shoot. 

I think all of the walking, the heat, and the bourbon finally caught up to me though. 

I'm writing this post from bed. After being  in bed for 13 hours, I finally feel rested and ready to conquer BBQ Fest day 4.

Today is the judging for our ribs, so we have to lay low until 2 PM or so when it's over. Then, it will be time for our annual crawfish boil. It comes just in time because I think I was about to turn into a piece of barbecue. I've had BBQ every day all day since Monday (thanks to a few visits to the BBQ Shop and BBQ Fest). 

Tomorrow is load out and the Grizzlies first game in the finals. 

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