Sunday, May 05, 2013

Goodbye Australia, Hello US!

My flight to come back to the US left Sydney at 1:30 PM on Monday.  It was a 16 hour flight to Dallas.  It landed in Dallas at around 1:30 PM - also on Monday.  (How strange is it to depart and land at the same time, on the same day - after 16 hours have passed?) I then had a 3 hour layover in Dallas before getting on a 1 hour flight to Memphis that arrived at 5:30 PM on Monday.

I was very nervous about the 16 hour flight.  The longest flight I've ever taken was one to India a few years ago.  That flight was long, but not that long.  I had no idea how exactly that I would survive such a long flight. 

Since I only brought a backpack on my trip, I had about 50 pounds of extra luggage I could bring back.  Shane and Laura jumped on the opportunity to send a few things back with me.  Luckily, this meant that Laura accompanied me to the airport.  I was happy that we went together, because I was so nervous about the long flight.

Luckily, I was seated in a bulkhead row and there were no children in my section.  Unluckily, the person directly behind me rested their feet on the back of my chair the entire flight.  I didn't figure out that was going on until we were landing.  But, the man next to me was very nice and nobody was seated between us.

Also, they gave us food non stop.  That made things much easier for me.  This was the food I remember.  There was probably more, but it seemed like every hour or so, something was available. 
Ice cream
A granola bar
Cheese and crackers

When we got off the plane in Dallas, I was relieved.  I survived the flight and didn't feel too bad.  Qantas did a great job.  The flight was on time and the staff was friendly and helpful. 

Everything that happened between getting off the Qantus flight and getting home with American Airlines was pretty disappointing.  I've saved the details of that portion of the journey and may share them with you at a later time.

For now, I'm just happy to be home!

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