Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday Photos: Moore, Oklahoma

Since it's Thursday, I thought I would participate in "Throwback Thursday" by posting a few photos from better days in Moore.

Here's a photo from the Moore High School senior prom.  I'm with my friends Carissa and Robyn.

This is me before a "Moore War" football game.  Football is a big part of the culture in Moore and this was a game between Moore High School and Westmoore High School.  After I graduated, a 3rd high school was built and this tradition has changed some, but you get the idea.  Around 30,000 people attend these high school games (it's so high that I had to look it up to be sure!).  For Moore War, so many people would wear camouflage to these games that the local Army surplus stores were sometimes known to sell out!

This is at an awards ceremony for Moore High School.  I'm pictured with Kyle, Kris, Robyn, and one of our favorite teachers, Mrs. Richardson.  

This is me with Kelli during the Moore High School graduation.  I love this photo.  Our parents weren't allowed to leave the stands to take photos during the graduation.  Our class was around 550, so the place it was held was quite large.  To get around this, one of my friends came to the graduation dressed as a staff photographer and took photos of us up close during the ceremony.  I've always been a bit creative in my problem solving I suppose. 

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