Monday, July 17, 2006

Day 9 & 10 - AGAIN!

OH MAN! Just as I was about to publish my post for days 9 and 10, but IE reloaded and lost the entire thing!

I'll have to sum up the short version for you now....

Day 9: Woke up late; Missed brunch; Went to a political debate; someone at the debate recognized me from Paul's blog.
Day 10: Woke up on time; Business meeting; Saw old friends; Lunch with Jessica; Game night pending how tired I am

I've been more tired lately than expected -- probably because I've had less relaxation time than planned.

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Philip said...

That's why I've started writing everything in MS Word or an email before posting it. At least that way, I can still have it if IE crashes or blogger screws up. And that's happened a lot after writing great posts.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hopefully I'll run into you while your in town and make a formal introduction.