Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Memphis: Day 11

Yesterday was my 11th day in Memphis and it was a hot one; 100 degrees to be exact. But, since I was in air conditioning for most of the day, I didn't notice it too much.

After sleeping for around 10 hours to try to revive myself from the past few days, I was able to make it up to work.

Then, I headed over to Owen Brennon's for a business meeting. It was one of those meetings where although it is strickly business, you've never actually met the person in person before. I found myself smiling and asking random men if they had the same name as the person I was meeting. That part was fairly uncomfortable to say the least. Once I finally found the person however things worked out well.

After the meeting, I called one of the most interesting sets of people I've met with since I've been here and asked to set up a second meeting. Unfortunately, they aren't available until Monday and I was scheduled to leave on Sunday. Long story short, I'm staying at least one or two additional days in Memphis to meet with them.

Of course, if anything comes of all these meetings, I'll eventually reveal exactly what's up... but for now, just know that things are going well. :-)

The last thing that I did last night was go to dinner with my friend Reena. We went to my favorite sushi place, Sakura in Germantown. She wasn't sure why it was my favorite until all of our food came out... they have all sorts of specialty rolls, including the Joyce Roll. It's completely non-traditional, but it's GREAT!

And, it was great to see Reena too! I was explaining to someone the other day that she's my friend in Memphis who I have seen in the most number of different places. We've been to Arkansas and Florida together and I got to see her while she was in California too.

After dinner, I came home and chatted with a friend from Oklahoma who is thinking of moving to LA to make it as a photographer. I unfortunately was forced to dash his dream some... as he has a 6 person family to support on his income and LA is just not the land of money, as I think it's possibly portrayed to be. For example, my tiny 1 bedroom apartment is more than his entire 3 bedroom house's mortgage. I really hope he listens... but either way, my apartment is available for him if he needs to hang out for a few days.

Lastly, I went to sleep. My days have been so unexpected and so intense lately, that I've started having these incredibly detailed, long, vivid dreams. They often include some sort of confrontation. I suppose my body is using the downtime while I'm sleeping to process everything unexpected that's been happening to me while I'm awake.

Alright, that's pretty much it for Day 11. Let's hope Day 12 is productive.

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