Monday, July 03, 2006

Graceland Update

In my previous post, I mentioned that the President took the Japanese Prime Minister to visit Graceland on Friday.

The one question I had in my mind, but chose not to post was, "I wonder if they're going to stop by the Civil Rights Museum?"

When I lived in Memphis, my apartment was within walking distance of the National Civil Rights Museum. When anyone would come to visit me and would say "I really need to see Graceland," I would counter with, "No, you REALLY need to see the National Civil Rights Museum."

It's a great museum situated in the Lorane Hotel, where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot. It's full of amazing photos and information about the Civil Rights Movement.

Recently, they even expanded the museum to include a new exhibit.

Anyway, the question was answer. President Bush did take Laura Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi to the Civil Rights Museum after they visited Graceland.

Check out the Civil Rights Museum web site for a photo of them standing in the spot where Dr. King was shot:

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