Friday, July 07, 2006

July 4th

Alright, I've been dying to post for a few days and just haven't had a chance due to time constraints.

The 4th of July picnic turned out great! Jacob, Jessica, Katie, BoRyan, and I treked up to Pepperdine to eat dinner overlooking the ocean.

It was a wonderful event, especially when I think of how crowded any other public place was on July 4th.

Afterward, BoRyan and I drove down the coast in Malibu to stake out the fireworks. I looked up the locations of two fireworks shows in Malibu on the internet, so we were ready.

Essentially, private citizens in Malibu paid for 2 barges to shoot off fireworks from the ocean, near the shore. The one near Zuma Beach was easier to see, so we sat down on the beach and waited for the show along with lots of other people.

The barge came around 9 PM, at its scheduled time. It moved around and people shifted their places on the sand. It turned and people wondered why.

Eventually, everyone got cold and went home. It seems that there was a malfunction-- whether it be with the fireworks or the weather, something wasn't working!

So, in the end, we really didn't get to see fireworks. Thank goodness the meal was good.

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