Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Home again, home again, jiggity jig...

After 8 hours of driving, I made it safely back to Oklahoma City. In case you didn't know / weren't sure, I grew up in Oklahoma; I'm a 6th generation Oklahoman in fact.

Anyway, I had an excellent drive and only stopped once - at about hour 6.5. This was a huge accomplishment, not only for my body, but also for the SUV I borrowed for this trip. It got surprisingly good gas mileage today.

Waiting for me when I came in were my niece and nephew, Sean and Savannah. They're visiting Oklahoma from Georgia for the entire month of July! Sean is 5 and Savannah is 4. This year, Savannah will be in pre-K and Sean will be in Kindergarden. She told me approximately 10 times in the hour and a half that I saw her that "pre-K is going to be very cool" and "I'm going to pre-K starting next month!" :-)

She also spent quite a bit of time telling me how scared she is of my big Raggedy Anne doll. She sits in my childhood bedroom on a chair my grandfather made for me. She explained that the red yarn hair reminds her of Chucky. She just doesn't understand why anyone would want to play with a Raggedy Anne Chucky doll! hehe.

The crowning moment to the evening came when I found out that she doesn't sleep in her own bed by herself yet. She has been sleeping between my parents since she arrived. Because this was her solution to having to go to bed, I tried to tuck her in to their big bed at around 11:30 PM. She took the bait until she realized that I would be leaving her to go to my very own big kid bed. At that, she started wailing about wanting to stay in my bed with me.

Woa - wait a second... what's up with kids these days? lol.

Anyway, clearly we can see how this turned out. :-) Fortunately, I don't put too too much weight in the attention getting freakouts that kids do. I'm fine with them, I just don't tend to respond to them much. So, as you can see, I'm having my quiet time with my blog instead.


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