Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Memphis Adventure

Okay, the Memphis adventure has started... I arrived just a few hours ago to my friend Shane's clean condo.

Shane isn't going to be here the next few weeks, so he has graciously offered up his condo as my remote office and abode all wrapped into one. And, to make things better, he cleaned everything before I got here. Talk about friendship! :-)

Anyway, so... I drove 8 hours today from Oklahoma City to Memphis. This basically means that I spent almost 8 hours in Arkansas... well, maybe more like 6. But, that's a lot of Arkansas.

When I got here, I thought my back was going to split in two. I mean, I wasn't really tired, but my body was extremely achey. I actually stopped only once when I was driving... at about hour 3.

I'm using GPS to get around Memphis this time and it didn't fail me. I drove straight to Shane's condo, where all of the codes and steps to get into the place worked perfectly.

As a side note, Memphis is one of the more challenging cities to navigate by car, behind Boston I'd say. All of the freeways are mismarked. They have the wrong name or the name they do have makes no sense. Thank goodness for GPS.

(Can you tell I'm tired?)

Around 10, I went out for a quick drink and snack with one of my best Memphis friends, Angie (and I don't mean me). Angie and I make a pretty good duo; especially with our names.

We got fun drinks and discussed all sorts of interesting topics. Also, I had the good fortune to finally meet Angie's great friend Betty. I've heard a lot about her, but have never met her.

Okay... maybe more tomorrow. I'm falling asleep. Night 1 in Memphis: Successful.

(Hopefully I'll wake up in time for the brunch I have scheduled tomorrow).

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