Friday, July 28, 2006


The title says it all. Today was virtually unproductive... I really need to make my way back home, so that I can actually focus on what I'm supposed to be working on.

To make matters worse, Myspace is having issues, so I couldn't even zone out reading profiles.

I did however get caught up on the news. Here's a small summary:

Lindsey Lohan is apparently facing problems with her latest film "Georgia Rule." She hasn't been showing up to work because she has been 'sick' lately. The CEO of the production company producing the film wrote her a very direct and somewhat threatening letter to tell her to stop partying or else.

Florida millionare Jeffrey Epstein reportedly solicited teenage high school girls for massages... and more. I read the entire 22-page affidavit on The Smoking Gun and was surprised by the similiarities in all of the girls' stories. Then, I looked up the news articles on the case and I was even more surprised by how much Epstein's lawyers are trying to play down the incidents (there were many). I suppose that's what lawyers are paid for, but anyway... Even stranger is that some of the news outlets aren't even covering this story. From reading the affidavit and other news articles, I learned that Epstein recently tried to give the police department in Florida a huge monotary gift. He has also given large gifts to political organizations in the past and has close ties with an ex president, etc. The last odd thing I will mention here is that the girls were all recruited from one high school and each girl would be paid for recruiting additional girls. Now that this story has broken, I wonder how odd it will be for all of those kids to go back to high school in a few weeks. Good luck in jail JE.

I just learned that religious guy Mel Gibson was arrested today in Malibu for DUI. He was driving early this morning along the PCH at a high rate of speed. I used to take the PCH every day to Pepperdine and it's definitely NOT a place to be fooling around... it's super curvy with lots of traffic, construction, mud slides, random people with surfboards, etc. Oh yeah, then there's that whole ocean factor. The last thing you'd want to do is lanch yourself into the sea.

NBC had a story on tonight about American Apparel founder Dov Charney. Around a week ago, I was a fan of American Apparel and their socially responsible practices. Dov's currently facing sexual harrassment charges from 3 different employees of American Apparel. Actually, I believe he has settled with 2 of them, and the last one is pending. Charney claims that in a creative environment, more explicit things are bound to come up-- he runs a marketing company after all. On the other hand, has he gone too far? I would vote yes on this. BoRyan's company faces ethical dilemnas on the topic of what's decent (because they publish dating advice), but they would never dream of having to address the kinds of things that Charney is accused of (and admits to) doing. Included in the laundry list is coming to work in his underwear, only. He also enjoys sleeping with his female employees... describing women's body parts using words like those that rhyme with 'hunt'... conducting a meeting in only a "c*ck sock"... masterbating and receiving oral sex from his female assistant in front of a reporter from Jane Magazine... and more. The lady who is suing him was reportedly asked by him to masterbate in front of him when they were discussing whether or not she'd get a raise. From the interview and his admission to all of these things, I'd say that it's clear-- reality has left his building. During the interview, he even stuck out his tounge a few times when questioned. Is this what happens when the company you founded makes $250 M in profits during the first 3 years?

Jada Pinkett Smith has reportedly seen Baby Suri. In a report published today, she said that she and her husband Will visited Tom, Katie, and Suri at their 90210 mansion. She said that among other things, Suri has black hair just like Tom and Katie. Well, thank goodness... because, you know, I was really worried. :-)

Prince is getting divorced from his wife of five years. I honestly didn't realize Prince was married... maybe I'm just not dialed into the Purple Rain generation enough.

Pamela Anderson is getting married to Kid Rock very soon. How exciting! Honestly, they are the perfect white trash couple... oh the tabloid stories they'll make!

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