Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lucky 13

Today was definitely one full of unexpected things.

First, Shane's appliances never showed up. In the meantime, beautiful flowers arrived from BoRyan - thanks! :-)

Then, Jessica showed up with lunch for me!

After that, Angie invited me to dinner. We went to TJ Mulligan's downtown and I had stuffed, fried mushrooms - which you'll see a photo of below. After eating a ton and having 3 drinks each, we settled in for a game of trivia. Being just the two of us and our first try, we did pretty well. Although all of the final rankings weren't revealed, the third place team got right around 100 points and we had 83. I think that we might have come in fifth at the end... we got the very last question right and wagered the entire 20 points, so that helped.

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