Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Memphis - Day Three

Wow, so another great day in Memphis!

I spent most of the morning doing work stuff... and coordinating my schedule for while I'm here. I just can't resist, you know... everything is so tempting.

Angie (the other Angie) picked me up to go to the Flying Saucer at a little before 6 PM. Monday night is pint night, after all. On our way to downtown, we encountered quite a bit of traffic, so Angie opted for the back rode route. Although we usually take the highway, this turned out to be faster. Just as we were starting to pick up speed, I looked to my left and saw "Angela Lane." For a second I thought, "hey, that's my name!" Then I remembered, "hey, that's your name too!" Ha! It was a nice moment. Neither of us knew that street existed.

We were greeted at the Flying Saucer by fellow blogger Paul, who had announced my journey to the Saucer earlier in the day on his blog. It's pretty cool to keep being announced everywhere I go! :-)

At the Saucer, Angie and I both had Hummingbird Water and I'm not sure what Paul had. Luckily, everything was on sale for $2.50, so that was a perk. We thought about ordering food, but Angie and I eventually gave up and went to Dan McGuiness.

Dan McGuiness has the best fried-cheese-and-sausages-dipped-in-batter-and-deep-fried-on-a-stick. I love them. :-) I always get them when I go to Dan McGuiness.

After we finished our food, Angie and I headed over to my favorite martini bar, Swig. I had two of my favorite drink, the Almond Joy. It tastes like an almond joy candy bar and comes in a frozen glass rimmed with chocolate. Tasty! Click here if you want to check out part of their menu in pdf format.

Jessica met us there and it was great to see Jessica again! She did point out however that since we talk on the phone almost every day, it's odd to think of seeing one another in person as being an unusual thing. I tend to agree!

Lastly, three of Angie's friends stopped by who she met in one way or another through Betty. Gotta love the connectedness of Memphis. Good thing I finally met Betty in person myself on Sunday or I'd really be out of the loop!

Angie mentioned that she's hoping to go dancing at Raiford's this weekend... maybe on Saturday. We tried to figure out what time Raiford's and the other late night hang outs close and we couldn't even come up with a time. We're thinking maybe 5 or 6 AM, when the sun comes up. Anyway, we usually leave at 3:30 I suppose and go and have breakfast before we go home. So I guess that we may have to keep with our tradition this weekend and go.

I keep getting e-mails from friends asking me to let them know when I plan something... that they'd like to come. The thing is, I haven't been planning. lol. :) I don't know why... maybe because I've been working on other things... but I so want to see everyone, so I'm thinking an official outting may be required. Keep an eye out for an official Raiford's invite.

Lastly, I keep trying to think of all the places I want to go while I'm here. The thing is, I have so many places I adore... and yet since I've moved, there are so many new places to try... but, here's a list of some I'm thinking about:

- Le Chardonnay (stuffed chicken breast with pasta)
- TJ Mulligans (stuffed, deep fried mushrooms)
- Swig (stuffed deep fried olives)
- Sakura (super big, deep fried sushi) [wow, there seems to be a trend here...]
- Harry's (spicy shrimp and noodles thai dish)
- Sawadii (pad thai)
- Sakasui (sushi)

- Majestic
- Blue Fin

On tap for tomorrow:
- Residents for a Safer Downtown Memphis will be speaking at the South Main Association Meeting
- The Indie Memphis Cinema Club is showing a film
- There's a Sheriff's Debate that's going on that will be broadcast on Channel 3

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Philip said...

FYI no one actually knows when Raiford's closes. You are usually so intoxicated that you can't find your watch.
Have fun