Saturday, July 15, 2006

Snow White & the Seven Days of Memphis

Alright, so I'm completely running late for dinner, BUT I want to take a moment to write a little about my seventh day in Memphis (yesterday). I'll also take a moment to give today's update thus far.

Yesterday was a great day! I met the new Exec. Directors for both Emerge Memphis and Mpact Memphis. I got a chance to chat about what's changed, what's improved... things in progress, etc. In addition, I received a great tour of the building and was able to meet quite a few of the business owners there. As a side note, Emerge is expanding their space, so if you have a small business idea, this would be a great time to get downtown to talk to them.

After my meetings at Emerge, I took myself on a tour of Memphis. I always enjoy seeing what's new and changed. I drove all around downtown, then up through Midtown. Most of my favorite places are still around, plus a few more that I'm looking forward to trying.

The one thing that completely surprised me was this... Picture me driving down South Main Street.... looking at E&H... Gestures... the Civil Rights Museum... when ALL OF THE SUDDEN I'm pinned in from the front and behind by GIANT boats on WHEELS! lol. They were full of tourists and they said something about riding with the ducks. This must be a new thing since I left because I DO NOT remember giant boats on wheels before! :-)

Then I met up with Angie & Charla for dinner at Harry's downtown-- on GE Patterson and South Main. I had my favorite Shrimp Bankok dish. Afterward, we walked across the street to The Cheesecake Corner. I had amazing cheesecake called Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake. It had an Oreo crust, New York style cheesecake, covered in chocolate and cherries... topped off with wipped cream! YUMM.

We stayed until the Cheesecake Corner closed and I went back to Shane's place. Shane was watching this movie called Elizabethtown. I had never seen it, but jumped in during the middle. It was pretty confusing for a while, then about 30 minutes before the end... the main character started going on this crazy tour of Memphis. He stopped by E&H and met the owner... I think he also went to Beale St. and the Civil Rights Museum. It was a completely unexpected turn for the movie to go in... and for that, I may have to see the entire thing.

So fast forward to today... so far, I slept in... Then, I went to Davis Kidd Booksellers to have brunch, do a little work, and buy the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." I already have this book, but it's not with me... and I want to use it for reference for a few days.

Afterward, I met up with an old friend from Mpact Memphis at Houston's. In Memphis style, the Mayor of Memphis was there and I was able to meet him! How exciting to bump into Mayor Herenton. Where else can you get that? :-) Anyway, I'm very happy that I got a chance to meet up with my friend... He was able to provide a lot of insight on the current state of the city!

Well, that's it so far... look for more in the 8th day post.

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